Hare Resources

Here are some useful resources for laying trail.

Nittany Standard Trail Markings

Symbol Description
B or BN Beer/Beer Near Could also stand for beverage check. BVN - beer very near
X Check Trail goes in any of 369°; look for on-ons
On-On Lets you know you are on trail; Yell ON-ON as you pass to let those behind you where trail is going.
or F False trail/Bad trail Go back to the last check and find another trail.
---> Arrow Either the hare or someone from the pack is telling you which way trail goes
-/-/-/--> Hare's Arrow Always marks true trail.

Other Trail Markings

You may see these on trail especially if you travel to another hash.

Symbol Description
Back check Count back that number of on-ons and that mark becomes your new check.
YBF You've been f*cked! Devious hares will lead you up a steep hill or down a long false and snicker as they lay a YBF