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Here you will find instructions on how the website functions, how to add runs to the calendar, as well as how to join our listserv to stay up to date on all our shenanigans.

How do I join the NVHHH email list?

To join the NVHHH listserv to receive Nitwit hash-related community info, general run info and also receive the newsletter, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to [email protected]. If you are experiencing any issues joining the listserv use the contact form to request access from the account you intend to use.

I have a smartphone, can I subscribe to the receding hareline so trail information shows up in my phone's calendar application?

Yes. Here are instructions for the iPhone. Other smartphones should be similar.

How do I access the NVHHH Google calendar to add/edit runs?

Step 1: In general you will need to sign up for a Google/gmail account. If you already have an account proceed to Step 2 otherwise, go to then click on Create an account. Alternatively, you can email the current [email protected] and ask them to add your event for you.

Step 2: If you want to hare and need access to calendar to add/edit new events, use the contact form to send an email to the webmaster and ask to have the NVHHH Receding Hareline (Google calendar) shared with you. Include the email address that you want to use for hash related activities.

A Note About Adding Events to the NVHHH Receding Hareline Google Calendar (See Step 2 above first!)

Step 1: You can get to the NVHHH Receding Hareline Google calendar by clicking on the Google Calendar button at bottom right corner of the embedded map on the front page. If you don't see "NVHHH Receding Hareline" under "My calendars" you probably don't have access to the NVHHH Google calendar yet, go to Step 2 above!

Step 2: Click on the desired run/event date, make sure you select "NVHHH Receding Hareline" from the "Calendar:" drop down box and then click edit event details.

Step 3: Enter "NVHHH #(run number)" in the "What" field, add an address in the "Where" field, and any details in the description (e.g. additional direction information, special precautions/preparation, cost, etc.). If the start location does not have a street address go to the iTouchMap web site and use it to determine your trail's start GPS coordinates. If you follow the numbers with a common name (e.g. run start) in parentheses, it will label it such.

Step 4: All other fields can be left as the default setting.

NVHHH Webmaster